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In the world of streaming platforms, user engagement is the key to success. As a company that’s always focused on meeting the evolving needs of our clients, we’ve noticed a growing demand for video analytics solutions that can provide valuable insights to boost engagement. 

Faced with client demands insightful video analytics, we teamed up with NPAW to meet this demand, as they offer a user-friendly interface and integration. This article focuses on our collaboration with NPAW and describes how we tackled the challenges, found solutions, and integrated their technology.

The Challenge: Finding Reliable Video Analytics Integrations

Our clients from different industries like sports, entertainment, enterprise, etc. needed insights into viewer behavior and platform performance in today’s data-driven world.

NPAW, a well-known name in video analytics, was a great solution, with a reputation for its UI, integration capabilities, and feature-rich offerings.

Solution: The 2coders-NPAW Partnership

During our search for a video analytics solution, we crossed paths with NPAW and decided to partner with them due to their crucial attributes.

  • User-Centric Interface: NPAW’s UI promises simplicity without compromising on depth. Regardless of their technical prowess, clients could navigate dashboards effortlessly, translating data into insights.
  • Seamless Integration: Integration was a critical consideration for us. NPAW’s solution aligned perfectly, ensuring smooth transition and minimized downtime, offering clients uninterrupted service.
  • Comprehensive Features: NPAW brought an array of features that resonated with our vision. From real-time monitoring to advanced QoE metrics, NPAW’s package was comprehensive and tailored to varying client needs.


The Integration Process: A Blend of Tech Expertise

Our integration journey was a collaboration between our team of developers and the NPAW team:

a. Identifying Requirements: The collaboration began with a thorough understanding of our project’s unique needs, laying the foundation for a tailor-made solution.

b. Harmony in API Integration: NPAW’s well-documented APIs played a vital role. The streaming platform we’ve worked on communicated seamlessly with NPAW’s analytics backend, ensuring real-time data flow.

c. Customization Unleashed: Recognizing the value of customization, we harnessed NPAW’s flexibility to create personalized dashboards, reports, and notifications, enriching the user experience.

d. Testing and Assurance: Both teams conducted thorough testing to ensure that the integrated solution performed flawlessly and met the standards. The testing results were successful, indicating that the solution was fully functional.


The Remarkable Results: Empowering Projects 

With NPAW’s video analytics seamlessly integrated, we achieved results that spoke volumes:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: With the integration we’ve powered our client’s project to gain insights into viewer preferences, content performance, and platform health, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Armed with actionable insights, clients can now optimize their platforms, resulting in increased user engagement and satisfaction.

The 2coders-NPAW partnership story shows how advanced technology and a focus on clients came together. By having an easy-to-use design, and giving helpful information, this teamwork changed how streaming services work.

Our partnership highlights that when it comes to developing streaming solutions and helping clients with video data, working together in new and creative ways is the best path forward.